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                                     --Sandra Kuck
Angel of God, My guardian dear,
to whom His love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide...

Be not forgetful
to entertain strangers,

for thereby
some have
entertained angels
                                                                                                 --Sandra Kuck

I Have Met an Angel

I have met an angel,
She's been grounded from the sky,
I hold her in my arms,
I will never know why.

I have met an angel,
All the shades of white,
Bringing out her beauty,
She's ready to take flight

I have met an angel,
She's right here beside me,
Wrapped warmly in my arms,
Could she be able to see?

I have met an angel,
I love her with all my heart,
Now that we are together,
I never want to part.

By: Sebastian Issawi
--Sandra Kuck

 --Sandra Kuck
Evil grows where good men do nothing....

--Sandra Kuck
Lord, Send Down an Angel
Lord; please send down an angel,
perfect in every way,
Lord; send down an angel,
More beautiful than words could say...
Lord; send down your angel,
To take charge over me.
Lord; send me an angel....
What greater love could there be?
kerri '98

Safe In Bed

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
Bless the bed that I lie on!
Five angels there lie spread:
Two at my head,
Two at my feet,
One at my heart, my soul to keep.

All Through the Night

Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee,
All through the night.
Guardian angels God will send thee
All through the night.
Soft and drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping,
I my loving vigil keeping,
All through the night.
While the moon her watch is keeping,
All through the night;
While the weary world is sleeping,
All through the night;
O'er thy spirit gently stealing,
Visions of delight revealing,
Breathless a pure and holy feeling,
All through the night.
                          --Sir Harold Boulton

Entrance into heaven is based on what was in your heart, not what was in your head!

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